Castelbuono is a small town on top of a panoramic hill at the heart of the Madonie Natural Park, just a few miles away from Cefalu’s beautiful beaches. This town feels untouched by modern times, the pace of life is linked to the rhythm of the woods and of the countryside.

Life moves at a slow pace in the narrow downtown streets; locals listen to music and discuss the arts in the bars facing the main square.

L’Hostaria Nangalarruni (“Jew’s harp” in the local dialect) has been managed by Giuseppe Carollo and his daughter Francesca since 1984.

The menu focuses on the local tradition and captures the essence of the territory. Ancient dishes, sometimes forgotten, are here reinvented with a modern twist – mushrooms, herbs and cheese are a must.

The wine menu plays a lead role by showcasing the rich variety of Sicilian wines.



Hostaria Nangalarruni

Chiuso il mercoledì – Ferie tra gennaio e febbraio

Via delle Confraternite, 7

90013 Castelbuono (PA)

For more infos & reservations: +39 0921 671228