A group of trattorie rewarded by time, by the years and by our customers. At least, that’s how we define ourselves. We’ve been nurturing this idea for quite some time, and step by step we have managed to achieve it.
We are a group of 8 trattoria owners, “trattori”: Franco of trattoria “La Crepa”, Sergio of “La Brinca”, Daniele of “Trattoria Visconti”, Alberto of “Amerigo”, Francecsco of “La Locandiera, Paolo of “Antica Trattoria del Gallo” and Avgustin of “Devetak”.

Our desire to share our experiences, our paths and our history has brought us together several years ago. Since then, we work in synergy and full harmony with our families and our clientele.

Our trattorie, which we manage with our families, represent for us something more than just a place of good eating. We want to communicate an area of Italy, promote our land, and protect our old traditions and the products that our land gives us. What unites us is the Italian cuisine, in its complexity, its many facets and its attachment to local traditions. A diversified group of trattorie, joined by the desire to achieve a common goal: safeguard tradition, while innovating and projecting it into the future.
A tour of Italy, table by table, kitchen by kitchen, tradition by tradition. The variety of our recipes well represents the complex gastronomic scenario in Italy. A scenario rich in history and recipes, and united by the idea of the real Italian meal, which makes our cuisine unique in the world: appetizer, entrée, second course and dessert.